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In very beginning the company operated as a cooperative household services (BMF) "Jaunpils". As changes in the existing order, BMF "Jaunpils" was transformed into SIA "Jaunpils".

  • On January 10, 1992 was composed  the memorandum of transformation BMF "Jaunpils" into the company SIA "Jaunpils". Memorandum was signed by five members, all members of the family.
  • On March 18, 1992, the company SIA "Jaunpils" was registered in the Register of Enterprises of the Tukums district.
  • On December 27, 2004 in connection with the registration of the company in the commercial register, the company has made a change in the statutes and the composition of the team, one participant stayed. The company was registered in the register of companies as the SIA "Jaunpils projekts".


The company belongs to the family from the very beginning, and it can not be changed. The activity of the company over the years has changed - were both active and quiet years. Initially the company was engaged in the design, construction, trading of building materials and flower business. 

Now the company is engaged in:

  •  design (building and constructions);
  •  construction (buildings and structures of various types);
  •  management and supervision of construction of buildings and structures;
  •  the supervision of their projects;
  •  technical inspection of buildings.

Number of employees in the company is constantly changing. At the moment the enterprise employs 12 workers. 


Custom design of buildings and structures 

Construction of different tipe of buildings and structures

Supervision and management of construction works

Technical  inspection of structures



LTD, ''Jaunpils projekts''


LTD "Jaunpils projekts"

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